Smart Coach Radar For Tennis

The Smart Coach Radar is a complete speed and video training system. This provides precision-accurate metrics on serve speed. This knowledge will help you or your athlete better understand capability and output on the court.

SMART COACH RADAR™ (Compatible With Sports App)


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Instant Feedback

Get instant feedback any time you serve the ball, allowing you to gain actionable insights on where your velocity is at any given point.

Track Results

Improvement starts with measurement. Track your velocity output within each and every workout to see your progress and development as you grow as a player.

Unmatched Utility

The Pocket Radar Smart Coach is useful in capturing serve speed for tennis players. The Smart Coach can be used to capture velocities from multiple different positions around the court. Regardless of skill or age, Pocket Radar will help quantify performance and output for any player, parent, trainer or coach looking for accurate assessment.

Integratable Mobile App

Integrate the Pocket Radar Smart Coach with the Pocket Radar Sports App to leverage video-capturing capabilities. This means every serve can be captured with a mobile device and will present (within video format) the corresponding velocity measurement right there on the screen. This is perfect for anyone looking to share verifiable velocity readings with friends, family, coaches, trainers and college recruiting coordinators.

Perfect For Everyone

Regardless of who you are (parent, player, coach, or other), Pocket Radar's assessment capabilities will greatly amplify any training program and athlete's overall development. Baselining velocity affords keen insight into a player's potential, strength and capability at any given moment, and helps to better understand what needs to happen to supplement performance moving forward.

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